Get Lowered Taxes, Saved Time & Perfect Financials

We will tackle your right entity, your bookkeeping, paying taxes, and handling all the accounting tasks throughout the year. You will have a single point of contact that is working diligently throughout the year to help your business.

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Save Time & Staff Resources

Save $900/month In Part Time Staffing Costs

Our Outsourced Accounting Service allows you to avoid hiring a part time, or full time, bookkeeping & finance employee.

Sub-Contracting with our team usually saves about 8 hours of staff time a week

Avoid hiring an 8 hour a week bookkeeper or admin staff

8 hours a week in staff costs are saved

8 hours a week, at $30/hour, is $960 a month

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Outsourced Accounting

What's All Included in Our Outsourced Accounting Service

Here's what to expect when you work with Westfront Tax & Accounting.

  • Cleanup Your Books to Perfection

    We start by establishing a clean slate, so your financial records are kept pristine.

  • Tax Reduction Analysis & Plan

    After cleaning everything up, we perform a comprehensive tax reduction plan and do everything necessary to implement the plan.

  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Payroll

    Leave the bookkeeping and accounting to our team, we'll make sure everything's done to perfection.

  • Year-Long Guidance & Tax Planning

    Throughout the year we guide your business to make wise decisions, while also showing you how to ensure you never overpay in taxes.

  • Payroll Setup & Run

    We'll ensure you have the best payroll for your business, and we'll make running that payroll easy.

  • Pay in Taxes & Avoid Surprises

    This one is huge, we'll ensure you pay and don't overpay in your taxes throughout the year to avoid big surprises or mistakes.

  • CFO & Financial Dashboard

    We help you identify KPI's, track them, and build momentum in your finances so you can scale your business.

  • Fourth Quarter Planning

    We'll meet before year end to make sure you're in position to keep as much of your money as possible, and invest properly for less taxes.

  • Year End Tax Returns

    We'll prepare and file your taxes, which is a breeze since we handle the books and payments throughout the year.

Westfront Tax & Accounting Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Westfront Packages

You won't have to hire staff, spend time doing your books or overpay in taxes.

How We Work


    We dedicate teams of two to four members to each client to support open-line communication.


    Our monthly subscription investment is agreed upon from the beginning. Openly communicate with us knowing there will never be additional fees.


    We streamline financial & operational data to enhance your company's performance. We pinpoint and track key drivers, empowering informed decision making.


    We assist clients in implementing scalable, cloud-based financial systems, ensuring they are equipped to manage growth effectively.


    We maintain your books weekly and monthly, ensuring real-time visibility into your cash flow, outstanding receivables, and upcoming payables.


    Our services provide transparent insights into income and expenses through digital document management, bolstering robust control over your financial operations.


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Connect with us and we'll analyze your accounting & tax returns to identify opportunities to lower taxes & improve your operations.

You'll love our second-opinion analysis.

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