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We'll make sure you never overpay in taxes

Get pro-active, year-long tax reduction guidance.

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  • We Engage Year-Long

    In order to lower your taxes, you'll need pro-active guidance on what strategies are appropriate.

  • Identification & Implementation

    Many tax planning firms charge for a tax plan and then charge more to implement; we do everything required throughout the year.

  • S-Corp Maximization

    We'll ensure that you get the right entity setup, and then maximize the tax reduction opportunities within that entity.

Tax Reduction Planning

We're a Florida based accounting firm for small business, and we take pride in helping small businesses identify tax reduction strategies and then implement those strategies.  Besides being a Tax Reduction Specialist in Florida, we help business owners build tax efficient wealth by guiding them to utilize the proper tax qualified retirement accounts, trusts, real estate investments and income shifting.

Never Overpay in Taxes Again

Our goal with every business owner is to help them avoid overpaying in taxes and it all stems from our integrated tax, bookkeeping, payroll and tax planning service.

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Never Overpay in Taxes

We're on a mission to help Florida based small business avoid overpaying in taxes, and keep more of their hard earned money.

Small businesses often miss out on meaningful tax mitigation strategies because their accountants lack the competency and leadership to analyze & implement what's necessary.

We'll provide the tax guidance you deserve.

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LLC vs S-Corp

Are You Maximizing an S-Corp for Tax Savings?

We help businesses identify whether or not they should be an S-Corp and then we make sure they maximize the potential from an S-Corp.  Get help setting up an S-Corp in Florida or the US with Westfront Tax & Accounting.

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Reach New Levels of Profitability & Scalability

Most business owners don't know that they are overpaying thousands in taxes and wasting precious staff resources because they lack an outsourced accountant.

Our outsourced accounting service empowers business teams to focus while ensuring you never overpay in taxes.

Get aggressive, pro-active tax reduction planning

Establish pristine books to scale your operations

Get accurate, prompt management reports to run a better business

Never waste time or resources on accounting & bookkeeping

Get an integrated service, one team handling all your books, taxes & accounting needs

Get CFO level guidance

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